Operational Considerations

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Target Acquisition:

For the first campaign (August 8-18) we plan to target filaments associated with a well-established longitudinally extended filament channel (e.g. a Polar Crown Filament (PCF)).

Targets will be selected on a daily basis by the following small targetting group:
Giuliana de Toma
Sarah Gibson
Holly Gilbert
Terry Kucera
Sara Martin
Alphonse Sterling

Anyone who wishes to make comments/suggestions regarding targets, please email the targetting group listed above. Please note that due to Hinode upload procedure, targets will be chosen two days prior to observations.

Pointing Information for Instruments Participating in Campaign:

The targets will be updated on a daily basis and pointing information given via the DAILY TARGETTING INFORMATION page. The pointing coordinates will usually be those utilized by Hinode, but on some occasions (e.g., if Hinode has a last minute change away from our target) they will differ. For this reason, our campaign page should be referred to rather than the Hinode pointing files directly.


The chief ground based support is from Hawaii, so our prime observing time is the Mauna Loa prime viewing time 18:00 - 22:00 UT, although MLSO observations may be taken 16:30 - 02:30 UT. We hope to get daily targetted observations during at least our prime observing time -- see individual instrument observing plans.