CDS observations of August 26, 1999 JET

Three CDS rasters show the jet in intensity plots:

  • 21:09-21:34
  • 21:34-21:59
  • 21:59-22:24
  • (note, these three rasters are the last three shown in the gang plots and movies below)

    Intensity, velocity, and line width for the three rasters:

    Note that the velocities for He1 and O5 are first red-shifted, then blue-shifted.  This is also shown below for fixed heights (positive velocities are blueshifted, negative velocities are redshifted.)  This is the opposite behavior from UVCS observations at 1.7 Rsun, where first blue-shifted, then red-shifted velocities are observed.

    The rasters take approximately 25 minutes, so the slit xposition will vary with time:  Times vs x-positions for the three CDS rasters

    Profiles of jets - for the times corresponding to the three rasters and four xpositions along raster:

    Positive velocities are blueshifted, negative velocities are redshifted.
    Red = He1, green = O5, blue = Mg10, yellow = Si12, and pink = Fe19
    Note - no Fe19 velocity data are plotted.

    Properties of center of jet

    Color coded as above.  The heights referred to are calculated from the four xpositions chosen, combined with an assessment of the yposition of the center of the jet.  The errors refer to the change in that center with time (i.e. variation over the three rasters).  Heights are in units of solar radii.

    Images and movies of intensities of all the CDS data taken during the fast scan observations.

    He gang plot of intensities
    He movie of intensities

    O gang plot of intensities
    O movie of intensities

    Mg gang plot of intensities
    Mg movie of intensities

    Si gang plot of intensities
    Si movie of intensities

    Fe gang plot of intensities
    Fe movie of intensities

    See also Bill Thompson's movie page